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 Simple Rules While on Events

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PostSubject: Simple Rules While on Events   Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:28 pm

As we all know the main aim of the Forum is to have fun and use our vehicles and our own skill to its best in an off road environment. Off road driving as a hobby and a sport has a very good safety record but unfortunately when it does go wrong it can be quite severe due to the nature of the activities.

The below is a list of minimum requirements that everyone attending shall have to comply with.

1: Passengers must wear Hi Visibility jacket or vest.
2: Vehicles must only be driven by persons holding a full driving licence. (this includes private land unless consent is obtained from all other persons present).
3: All vehicles must be in good order.
4: When on green lanes the green lane code must be followed at all times (see separate post).
5: During any recovery operations persons not assisting must stay clear.
6: Children must be kept under supervision at all times and not allowed to run around.
7: At no time will reckless or dangerous driving be tolerated.
8: All participants of an event must attend pre start safety brief.
9: The use of wire ropes for recovery is not allowed.
10: The use of Kinetic ropes is not recommended and must be cleared with Admin or Moderation before use as a last resort.
11: The use of improper language or conduct to/from any person/s will not be tolerated and a exclusion from further events or even the forum may be put in force. ( admin decision will be final).

These rules are in place to ensure everyone's safety not to spoil your fun please assist us by observing them.
Administrators or Moderators may stop events or certain activities for safety reasons without prior notice.
Reivers-4x4 Forum take no responsibility to damage to vehicles or property whilst on events.
You take part of these events at your own risk, by taking part means you have read and understood the conditions of the above.
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Simple Rules While on Events
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